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Bounce Rate Case Study


Appleby Jones is Kady Z's Facebook pseudonym 

Appleby Jones is Kady Z's Facebook pseudonym 

What was the goal? 

Bellissima Bridal Shoes (BBS) had a problem with their page: a massive bounce rate. No matter how much ad traffic we routed to the site, around half of the potential customers would click away as soon as the store loaded. We decided to test a new landing page design to provide a clear CTA and seamless experience for visitors.

What did it cost and why was it a success?

The cost was included in our monthly marketing costs. 

It didn't cost any extra to optimize what they do; we wanted to make their marketing experience as perfect as possible.

Below are the stats of our client's bounce rate vs. that of the new landing page. 

As you can see, our redesign decreased bounce rate by 54.67% overall.

Original Bounce Rate: 56.80%

Bounce Rate Original

New Bounce Rate: 2.13%

New Bounce Rate

The Designs

What did we NOT do?

  1. At the client's request, we did not adjust the website design for the permanent home page. 
  2. At the client's request, we did not edit any product descriptions.

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