Logan’s Cold Shower Productivity Remedy


Not a morning person? Don’t worry- neither am I. I’m the guy who presses the snooze button at least four times and waits for the air conditioner to turn off before even considering getting out of bed. Dragging my limp body to the shower was always a challenge, and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever learn some kind of productivity life hack to turn that around. I’d turn the water on nice and hot and would then find myself taking 30-minute showers just to avoid getting out.

That was all before I switched things up. I ran into this article over on Menprovement talking all about something I’d never considered: freezing showers. Have you ever thought about taking ice-cold showers in the morning instead? Let me rephrase that. You NEED TO take ice cold showers in the morning. They’re an awesome way to set your day up for productivity.

Here’s what you do:

1)   Get in the shower

2)   Turn on the water, and treat yourself to 5 minutes of warm water

3)   After you’ve cleaned your limbs (don’t forget to scrub behind those ears!), give yourself a few seconds of moderately cold water to prepare yourself…

4)   Go all the way! Give yourself at least 1 minute of ice cold water before getting out of the shower

Cold showers will definitely be a little uncomfortable at first- It’ll feel like you cant breath and you’ll probably think to yourself, “that Logan dude is a moron”- at least until you start noticing the benefits from doing it.

After consistently taking cold showers for the last 2 months, here’s what I found:

o   Increased Alertness– A cold shower is a fine substitute for a cup of coffee. After drying off, my head is clear and I immediately feel ready to tackle the day

o   Better deep breaths- You know those satisfying deep breaths that you get every so often throughout the day? I get way more of them when I start my day with a cold shower

o   Reduced stress- Taking cold showers actually puts your body through stress; but it’s good stress (hormesis). This stress has actually made me feel more relaxed throughout the whole day

These are just a few of the positive effects I’ve had.

While the last thing you’ll want to do when you wake up is put yourself through something like this, take my word for it! Cold showers are the bomb, and if you don’t believe me, try it yourself. 

Logan Rittenberg

Account Manager