Maybe it's Lipstick, Maybe it's Advertising

“In our factory we make lipstick. In our advertising we sell hope.” - Peter Nivio Zarlenga, from his book The Orator.

On June 1st, I opened my tube of Too Faced’s “Melted Chihuahua” long wear liquid lipstick and traced it across my lips. My makeup artist had sold it to me a few weeks before, telling me exactly which product to buy. The rich brown and muted pink tone perfectly completed the natural and classic look I was attempting while in my ivory lace wedding dress. The look that I instantly tried to recreate on my way back to work on the following Monday.

On Monday, June 3rd, basking in the glow of that perfect weekend, I retraced my lips in the same color. What I hoped for, was a recreation of the excitement I had when I first put it on. While I wore that lipstick, I looked around at a room where people looked back with love in their eyes. While I wore that lipstick, I wore a dress that made me feel more beautiful than I ever had. While I wore that lipstick, my life truly changed for the better. I had put on my face a $21 pile of wax and oils, with brown and pink tones to it. However, on that fateful Saturday, that $21 bottle of wax would from here on out grab at each emotion I felt that day.

So here’s my daily reminder that I fell in love with advertising the minute I realized that it took a simple product, to a product that meant something. One ad took a pile of wax to a reminder of what I could easily call the best day of my life. So here I am, purchasing a product that someone sold me with a connection to my emotions, ready to become a loyal customer to that product for the rest of my life - and demonstrating the true emotional voice a product can have.