Our Team of Experimenters

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs

Recently at Gyrosity, we’ve been in the process of refreshing our outward appearance - starting with our website. We started by updating our team page - we added our new members, created a consistent feel of the photos, and answered some questions about ourselves. One of the questions asked: Why do you like working for Gyrosity? Maybe this was a big surprise to some, but the most common answer amongst the team was “we like working with each other - we like the collaborative environment.”

Now, that’s a really good thing because at our office currently we literally work around one big conference table in the middle of a room. If we did not like each other - that would be bad news bears right there.

But in another sense, I look at the recent work we did with The American Rodeo. We saw a return on 45x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for their Social Ads to sell tickets. That’s insane.

Who can you attribute that success? Our founder Garrison for the sale? Jonathan the Account Manager? Our analyst Chase?

The truth was, that client didn’t just receive a product when they signed their contract. They received a team of strategists and analysts specifically watching every move of their ads and constantly communicating with each other to push for success. Like a science experiment - we needed a team of researchers and experimenters. During the sale, we made hypotheses about what the issue was and developed our experiment. Our experiment was analyzed frequently and readjusted to reach the optimal state.

So in the end, we’re lucky to like each other - it makes us collaborative - and in the world of marketing, the collaboration is our way to question and readjust our experiments in advertising.

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