Digital Marketing: What’s the Point?

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Here at Gyrosity, we like to give our interns the full digital marketing experience… which includes the occasional blog post! Check out this rundown on all things digital from our very own Thomas Schreiber.

What’s Digital Marketing?

The term “digital marketing” is a fairly new phrase that has started to circulate within the last couple of decades. On the surface level, digital marketing is the promotion of brands through various digital outlets. While the basic definition has stayed the same, the progression of the digital marketing world has drastically altered from when it first started. Crucial turning points like the birth of Google, the .com burst, and the release of the first iPhone, have shaped the industry into what it is today.

What Skills Do Digital Marketers Have?

Excellent digital marketers have a wide range of skills that allow them to operate on a variety of different levels. Project managers need the ability to quantify diverse sets of data so there is a clear understanding of  which strategies are working and which need to be rethought. The ability to understand and successfully execute various tasks — like email marketing, SEO strategies, social media posting, and mobile marketing— is pivotal in developing strategies and knowing when to shift approaches.

Furthermore, account managers need to have a stable balance between creative and analytical thought processes. Digital marketing is a tightrope between these two sides. They rely on each other. For example, campaigns should be designed around proven analytics but must also actively engage users with shareable content that is creative and intriguing. Together they work in unison. Digital marketers analyze the projects from all possible angles and try to determine whether the numbers are simply not there or if there’s a lack of creativity.

Beyond the Basics

It isn’t just this set of specialized skills that makes digital marketers great at what they do. Beyond those basics are a set of nonroutine skills that are imperative to really dominate the digital marketing industry such as networking or creating lasting relationships. Building and maintaining genuine relationships with your clients is a must. Balancing client expectations with platform limitations is a crucial skill for any digital marketer. Ultimately, this takes excellent communication skills. For example, when an ad campaign changes directions, it’s important to be clear, open, and honest with the client. Communicating the hard truth (and coming up with an instant solution) is critical.

So… When Am I Going to Use This?

So, consider these nonroutine skills that are required to be an awesome digital marketer. Now close your eyes and think about daily life. BOOM. All of these are applicable to your life outside the business world. Relationships, honesty, determination, communication, recognizing inefficiencies and adaptations are all great examples. Life is full of different relationships: friendships, professional relationships, family relationships, and personal relationships. Similar to how it can be with clients, maintaining those relationships can be extremely challenging. Cultivating them takes flexibility and a clear understanding of what each person’s priorities are in the relationship. Consistency on both sides is something that separates an average relationship from a successful relationship whether you are in the business world or not. Furthermore, full determination towards the goals also play a role in both real life and business. Making sure each party has that driving force is necessary when it comes to determining success.  

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