Food Explorer


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1. Awareness of the Food Explorer Pilot episode


1. Launched and managed digital advertisements through the brand’s Page and third-party accounts over a 4-day campaign to increase awareness and credibility of the Food Explorer pilot episode.

2. Tailored video content to maximize recall with call-to-action banners keeping the premiere’s air time prominent and rememberable.

3. Created and shared trackable links with Learn More call-to-action buttons and posted comments on relevant ads and posts to drive up engagement and reach.

Created shareable content for Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.

Increased engagement, and video views across multiple platforms during a 4-day span.

  1. 215,297 impressions

  2. 60.05% average video view rate on YouTube

  3. 35% average video view rate on Facebook

  4. 69,687 direct video views across both platforms