Kenny Loggins


Gyrosity launched Facebook and Google Adwords advertising campaigns to drive traffic to Walmart online and ultimately increase purchases of the Kenny Loggins Live at Soundstage CD/DVD Walmart Exclusive. Gyrosity created promotional videos and imagery for various advertising campaigns to increase awareness of the exclusive, send relevant traffic to the site, and increase sales.


1. Awareness of the performance of Kenny Loggins Live at Soundstage and the availability of the Walmart Exclusive CD/DVD.

2. Sales of the Kenny Loggins Live at Soundstage CD/DVD.

3. Lacking promotional content.


1. Created promotional images, banners, and video for digital campaigns.

2. Launched, managed, and optimized digital advertisements.

3. Created and shared trackable links.

4. Provided reviews of the product on and engaged with ads and social posts to encourage engagement.

5. Prepared and delivered end campaign report.


Created shareable content for Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.

Increased engagement, and video views across multiple platforms.

  1. Over 456K impressions

  2. Over 100K video views

  3. Over 4.3K direct Smarturl link clicks