Locating Silver Lake


Locating Silver Lake is a coming of age film written and directed by Eric Bilitch. The film, which follows a brokenhearted aspiring writer who is quickly immersed into two very different worlds, features a talented cast such as Josh Peck (Drake & Josh, Mean Creek), Finn Wittrock (American Horror Story), Aubrey Peeples (Nashville, Jem and the Holograms), and more. Locating Silver Lake partnered with Gyrosity to drive views of the official trailer and awareness of the film and its screenings at various film festivals, as well as build social proof and general buzz about the film and the upcoming release.


  1. Needing official film poster.

  2. Wanting to increase follower count and engagement rate for social proof.

  3. Needing graphics and video content for digital campaigns, social posting, film festival ticket giveaways (for screenings of Locating Silver Lake), and website maintenance.

  4. Missing opportunity to track and retarget site visitors as well as those engaged with official Locating Silver Lake social media profiles.


Audited social media profiles according to current best practices and polished the existing website to increase ease of use and performance in Google search results.

  1. Designed official film poster.

  2. Launched and managed digital advertisements with various objectives such as growth, video views, and overall awareness to maximize the goals.

  3. Created content as needed for digital advertisements, social posts, social profiles, Facebook events, and website graphics.

  4. Provided updates and reports.


Increased social followings, engagement, and video views across multiple platforms.

  • Facebook: +5.4K likes, a 2,321% increase from campaign start

  • Instagram: +1.3K followers, a 122% increase from campaign start

  • Twitter: +1.5K followers, a 794% increase from campaign start

  • YouTube: +32 subscribers, a 119% increase from campaign start with an increase of over 30K video views overall.

  • Successfully drove relevant traffic to official trailer on YouTube and the Locating Silver Lake website.

  • Created shareable content for socials to promote official trailer, screenings at various film festivals, and overall awareness.