ManukaMed is a manufacturer of medical grade wound devices made of medicinal, antimicrobial pure Manuka honey from New Zealand. Gyrosity was hired to develop, launch and promote the official online retail business in order to sell direct to consumer, as well as provide a direct interface for smaller wholesale clients to fulfill orders, plus provide business to business marketing support services, including graphic design and copywriting.


1. Needing an online presence to facilitate online orders and strengthen local business credibility.

2. Convenience in order fulfillment.

3. Help in creating graphics and video content for digital campaigns, social posting, e-mail campaigns, and website maintenance.

4. Missing opportunity to track and retarget site visitors.

5. Assistance in responding to customer inquiries via social media, website contact form, and the customer support email.

6. Awareness of products, cost effectiveness, results, and the ability to easily order online.


1. Designed, created, and published an e-commerce website.

2. Helped in transferring ManukaMed products to a convenient north Tennessee fulfillment facility and set up fulfillment integrations with our Gyrosity warehouse systems.

3. Actively audit social media profiles according to current best practices and continually polish the website to increase ease of use and performance in Google search results.

4. Launch and manage digital advertisements with various objectives such as brand awareness and recall, influence consideration, and driving actions to maximize the goals.

5. Create content as needed for social posting, digital advertisements, print advertisement, flyer hand-outs, e-mail campaigns, advertisement-specific landing pages, blogs, and website graphics. Gyrosity also helps facilitate several photoshoots and video shoots to expand the content depository with fresh photos and videos.

6. Provides updates and in-depth quarterly reports.

Within the project’s first year:

  1. Gyrosity designed, built, and published an e-commerce site, drove relevant traffic and sales, and generated consistent and increasing revenue for ManukaMed.

    1. Gyrosity increased revenue from online orders by 317%.

    2. Gyrosity produced a 22% return on digital advertising spend with a return rate of less than 1%.

    3. Over the course of 2017 Quarter 2 to 2018 Quarter 1, return on digital advertising was 52%.

  2. Established a solid foundation in social follower count by posting engaging content and running advertisements through Facebook and Instagram:

    1. Facebook: Gained over 1.8K likes, a 1,560% increase from campaign start.

    2. Instagram: Gained over 1K followers, a 105,900% increase from campaign start.

  3. Created various types of media for the company’s use for both digital and print:

    1. Facilitated photoshoots and video shoots to feature the products in imagery.

    2. Drafted and designed graphics, print ads, case studies, social post imagery, infographics, brochures, web pages, and more.

    3. Authored and edited various copy for advertisements, blogs, web pages, and more.

    4. Edited video for use as explainer videos, behind-the-scenes videos, product footage videos, social post videos, and more.