Master Organic Chemistry


The majority of sales and site visits for Master Organic Chemistry were from organic searches, naturally making the site one of the top visited blogs for specialized organic chemistry topics. Gyrosity Projects’ goal was to increase organic searches, clicks, and sales with shareable content and direct-to-purchase digital advertisements.


1. Omitting critical targets in digital advertising

2. In need of supplemental original content


1. Running strategically targeted digital advertising campaigns

2. Creating various types of advertising content


55,000 visitors flocked to the website

28% increase in new site visits

Client’s Review

“I knew I wanted to experiment with Facebook ads but I didn’t want to set them up myself. Thankfully, Garrison and the Gyrosity team took all the hard work out of my hands. After an initial consult to understand my business customers and agree on ad budget, they created the ads, configured the daily spend, and kept an eagle eye on the performance of my campaign. Meanwhile, I focused on doing the things in my business that I actually enjoy while all of this ran in the background. At the end of our campaign we had a very positive return on investment and I gained some interesting new insights on my customers.”