Mellow Mushroom


Mellow Mushroom launched a one-month campaign for Celiac Awareness Month during the month of May 2017. This promotion featured the gluten-free products available on the Mellow Mushroom menu for four locations in South Carolina (Charleston, North Charleston, Avondale, Summerville).

Landing pages were created for each of these locations to feature the address and phone number of each restaurant, as well as an “Order Online” option if available.


1. Celiac Month Awareness promotion

2. Routing relevant traffic to geographic specific landing pages

3. Conversion rate of landing page visitors

4. Tracking multiple conversions on the 4 landing pages (View menu, Call, Get Directions, Order Online)


1. Audit landing pages

2. Launch and manage digital advertisements for all 4 locations and landing pages via Facebook and Google platforms

3. Create content (as needed) for all digital advertisements

4. Implement visitor tracking pixels and conversion trackers


Launched digital ad campaigns tailored to relevant audiences in the area of each of the four Mellow Mushroom locations on both Facebook and Google Ads.

Drove relevant traffic to the Celiac Awareness landing pages for 4 locations, plus tracked and retargeted landing page visitors.

Gyrosity drove at least 75% of all traffic through Facebook advertising alone.

Of all traffic, there were over 1.3K unique visitors to the landing pages.

Successfully tracked multiple conversions for all 4 locations: View Menu, Call, Get Directions, Order Online.

Through Gyrosity’s effort, visitors converted at a rate of 29% overall; the best performing location of the four was North Charleston with a conversion rate of 40%.