Paul Cardall


Paul Cardall, a Steinway & Sons sponsored pianist as well as a film composer, music producer, and entrepreneur, has reached #1 on the Billboard charts three times and has been streamed over 2 billion times worldwide.

Paul has partnered with Gyrosity for management services, strategy and execution in digital marketing services, content creation, web design and business analysis.

Over Easter weekend 2018, Gyrosity launched a sheet music campaign to drive sales of relevant sheet music from


1. Increase awareness of Paul Cardall sheet music.

2. Drive sheet music sales in time for Easter Sunday.


1. Created campaign specific imagery for digital advertisements.

2. Launched and managed campaign via Facebook.


ROI of 144%.

On Easter Day 2018 alone, there were almost 3 times as many sheet music sales as Easter day 2017 on MusicNotes.

Compared to the same weekend in 2018, there was a 33% increase in sales over the 3 days the ads running 2018 Easter weekend.